Dash Vault

Parkour is a sport that requires physical strength and endurance, accuracy, and skill in order to participate without causing damage to the body. One move that is used by both free runners and parkour enthusiasts is the dash vault. This move is meant to be used on medium sized

A Guide To Figure Skating

Figure Skating is beautiful to watch and even better to practice as a sport. Grace, flexibility and movements of the body are improved in those who learn and study figure skating all their life. The following is a basic guide to figure skating – • There Is No Age

How To Mount Skis

When it comes to the sport of skiing, there are many intricacies and specifics in the equipment that is used. These details are not really important to people who are only renting the skis to enjoy a day on the slopes with their families. However, people and professionals who

How To Run A Marathon

Completing a marathon is an accomplishment not only for serious athletes, but for athletes of all skill levels. A marathon is a 26.2 mile test of an athlete’s endurance, determination, and training. Running a marathon takes preparation and willpower, but it can be accomplished with the correct training schedule.

How To Sprint

Sprinting is one of the healthiest exercises anyone can do. Sprinting sends certain fast twitch signals to your muscles and body as a whole that few other movements can. Sprinting also activates the “flight or fight” response that is in all humans. With that being said, it is important

How To Jump A Bike

Bikes are a great form of transportation but they can also be a way to show off some cool tricks. Some of these can be completed by amateur bike riders and other requires much skill. In order to develop your skill level, you can start with the basic trick

How To Get The Putting Distance Right

Putting represents at least 40% of any golfer’s total score and is the one area that an average golfer can compete with a professional golfer if that average golfer takes the time to perfect their putting game. The most important element in mastering a putting game is controlling distance.

How To Paintball Attack

Take Out Your Paintball Opponents With This Strategy Of Battle If you are looking for an outdoor activity that combines strategy, skill, exercise, and fun, paintball is a great idea. This exciting game of capturing your opponents flag before being eliminated from the game, takes cunning and strategy. These

How To Snowboard

Snowboarding is a fun hobby that can give you the necessary adrenaline rush with the right amount of exercise and physical exertion. However, in this sport, the preparation is almost as important as the actual activity. If you are a veteran snowboarder, you can probably ignore the first few

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